If I had a penny for every time someone in this community’s said one of these things:

I don’t do tech
Me and tech don’t get on
Tech gives me a headache…

…yeah, all those pennies would have filled Oscar’s piggy bank to bursting by now.


It’s all BS.

It’s your defence mechanism to cover your failure to admit the truth.

You’re scared to learn new things
You don’t want to flirt with failure
You don’t care enough to put the work in


Nothing in the tech you need to use in your 21st century online coaching or therapy business is hard to master.

Social media, Stripe, email platforms, automation tools, scheduling links, Google Docs (lol) – they’re all designed by geniuses so dumbasses like us can use them to make money.

Play around, press some buttons, click some links.

Break some stuff.

Just stop saying you’re a technophobe, cause you’re way smarter than that.

Love you lots

PS: Thanks to Seth Godin today for the inspiration for this post

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