I was interviewing British wellness coach Skip Archimedes this morning, and he exuded health, vitality and purpose. He was in his apartment on the Gold Coast, and about to leave for a speaking tour of the Philippines.

It’s good to have a reminder of what a great personal brand looks like, but life’s not always been amazing for Skip, and he’s created his awesome business against the odds.

His teachings are based around his self-named 10 Commandments 4 Health, and Skip’s uncontroversial when he states that you can’t enjoy life fully unless you’re fit and healthy.┬áHe’s cured many of his students of obesity, diabetes and heart issues, and he claims his super-hydrated, oxygenated, vegan lifestyle has made his own longevity much more likely.

I thought you’d like to know how he’s got to be a published author with a global lifestyle, charging premium rates for retreats and courses, so I asked him. Here’s what he said:

  • He found something he truly believes in
  • He’s on a mission to help as many people as he can
  • He doesn’t do it for the money, and never has.

How many of those three apply to what you’re doing?

Author: Jonny

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