I’ve got quite a party set later today, with around 40 of my close friends, family and clients showing up to help celebrate my BIG massive birthday.

I’m actually turning 65 on Monday but hey!

Organising the bash and inviting everyone is filling me with joy, and that’s before the party even starts.

It got me thinking…

What elements of this could we be doing more regularly, not just when we’re marking our own particular dates? 

Calling people and telling them you miss them
Messaging clients and inviting them to talk about something new
Arranging coffees (in-person or virtual) with people you haven’t spoken to for a while
Organising events where you’re hosting something truly special for friends old and new
Spontaneously celebrating other peoples birthdays, anniversaries and significant achievements

Despite instant social media connectivity at our fingertips, we’re probably not quite connected enough where it really matters. 

Love you lots

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