I’ve recently become acutely aware that I’m a relentless consumer. 

It’s all too easy to press a one-click buy button against some knick-knack on Amazon that I was simply browsing.

Especially when it’s on my desk same-or-next day.

And I’m no better with clothes, toys for Oscar or books.

As author James Clear says, our natural tendency is to consume more, not less. 

This can spill over into business too, where the irresistible pull of FOMO can have you taking on wonky JVs, silly jobs and random new projects.

So, I’ve made a decision.

Before I acquire anything new, something of equivalent size has to go.  

That’s goods, workload, even business ideas.

James Clear again: “Personally, my goal is not to reduce life to the fewest amount of things, but to fill it with the optimal amount of things.”

My only exception is for new clients.

We can always find a way to fit them in, right? 


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