All around us, people are still buying.

And all around you in the community, people are still selling.

💥 Mark Deeks sold 155 tickets to his pop-up piano concert tonight.
💥 Jeff Adkins sold 5 high-ticket coaching programmes THIS WEEK.
💥 CAB member Alexia Leachman sold to the first person she booked a sales call with this week,
💥 Lisa Crofton has 6 sales calls booked from ONE simple FB post.
💥 We sold-out the March CAB intake, and only have 2 places open for April

All around you, people are making THIS work.

What’s THIS?

Well, here’s what it’s NOT:

🤯 Thinking ‘helping people’ means offering tons of free stuff
🤯 Projecting your own money fears onto your clients
🤯 Shelving your product launch till after “this” is over
🤯 Letting “thinking time” outweigh “action time”
🤯 Believing it’s morally wrong to be selling now

…and lots of other useless mind trash!

So here’s what it IS:

Using Free Facebook Groups to talk to communities of your ideal clients, and make them offers.

Don’t worry if you’re not so good at that right now.

It’s a learned skill.

And that’s why I’m launching my all-new 5-day Challenge called “Get Clients From Facebook” at the end of April.

It’s going to be my biggest, best and most effective challenge EVER, and registration will be open from Monday.

If you want to start making £0000s from Free Facebook anytime soon, reply to this email with GCFF, and I’ll make sure you get the link.

Love you lots!

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