Oscar got so upset.

We were kicking his favourite ball around in the park when, through our joint lack of kicking skills, it went and got wedged in some reeds in a shallow stream.

No point in assigning blame. It just did.

Worse still, we couldn’t retrieve it. Too muddy and dangerous would it have been.

So, the lad moaned and groaned for 20 minutes, right up to the point when I bought him a shiny new ball from the sports shop in town for £4.50.

An even better one than before, he remarked, thenceforth forgetting all about his previous plastic orb.

And here’s the lesson for you in your 21st century coaching or therapy business:

It’s often better to replace what you simply can’t make work anymore.

😟 That business partnership where you’re doing way more than half the work
😟The FB Group that used to get engagement and now it doesn’t
😟 The client niche where you simply can’t find any sustainable revenue
😟 The healing modality nobody wants these days
😟 Your outdated offer that just seems stuck in the shallow mud of a fast-moving stream of competitors.

The cost of starting any of that stuff afresh with a new ball could be way less than you think.

There, I knew I could make Oscar’s mis-kick metaphor work.

Love you lots

PS: I’m curious. What could you dump in the river, never look back, and start again with something better? 🤔

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