49 is way too young to die, right?

And yet, that’s how old my friend and neighbour was when he suddenly passed away on Sunday.

Leaving behind his devastated wife, his young child and a business.

At times like this, people say how it “puts everything into perspective”.

I don’t really buy that, if only because I hope most people have things in perspective already.

It gave me pause to reflect though, and here’s what I’m remembering right now:

  • We’re renting a tiny space on this glorious blue marble, and we don’t get to decide when our lease is up
  • We can take a swing at longevity by eating, moving and sleeping smarter, but that still doesn’t guarantee anything
  • Wasting time is the ultimate squandering of the outrageous good fortune that brought us here, against all the odds
  • We should eliminate arguments, bad feelings and stress, collecting fun, laughter and joy every day instead
  • Speed is of the essence. If we want to build a legacy (or anything), we’d better get on with it now, like today

On that last one, have you been deliberating too long about something you should have jumped on ages ago and just GOT DONE?

Now’s the time.  


RIP Wilbur. 1973 – 2022

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