However good you are, however much glorious transformation you try to bring to humanity, it’ll only ever impress some of the folks, some of the time. 


Because most people don’t want to change.  

Comfort zones are comfortable, and we all like to be comfortable, right?

Think about some of history’s monumental change-makers, and the trouble they’ve had:

  • JFK – detested by the CIA and assassinated
  • MLK – stalked by the FBI and assassinated
  • Elon Musk – more people want to keep their fossil-burners than join his eco-transport movement
  • Nikolai Tesla – destroyed by Edison even as he created the global standard for electricity supply
  • Anti-smoking, animal-rights and natural-health lobbyists – vilified by those who know less and care less

And in our profession, the best we can hope for is to build a tiny tribe of enlightened followers who really GET us.

They’ll create a thriving community who want to change, and want you to help them do it.


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