“I’ve found that many people love the ‘idea’ of being an entrepreneur but won’t do what it really takes. I’ve thought many times about creating an assessment/training program about developing an entrepreneurial mindset.”

~ Lisa Crofton

When Lisa and I had a conversation earlier this month about the #1 thing that holds back coaches and therapists from earning the money they deserve, that’s what she said ^^^

And, guess what?

I agree with her.

So, guess what happened next?

We created a short, sharp 90-minute training workshop called Mind In Your Business™, designed to put your head into gear and out of your ass. (Neat metaphor, eh?)

We’re gonna trial it on Monday, 3rd May at 16.00 UK.

It’s designed at $47, but the beta-run next week will be FREE, and only open for the first 12 people.



PS: By the time you read this, we may not have any seats left, but reply with “MIND” if you’re feeling lucky, and I’ll let you know. 

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