Last week, I ran a new training called a 3-Day Sales Sprint in JHM, featuring three live videos guaranteed to get your social media fired up and earning you money.

One notable takeaway for me was how many of the tribe came to a serious revelation:

Starting a conversation with someone who looks like your next ideal client doesn’t really feel like marketing.  

The elegantly simple end-to-end process looks like this:

  1. Launch a FB Group that explains your value proposition clearly, and invite people to join
  2. Post interesting, intriguing and valuable stuff
  3. Interact with people who engage with your posts
  4. Start a private message conversation with anyone you feel you can help, and invite them to a video call
  5. Listen, ask questions and make an offer

OUTCOME: Some of the people you take on that journey will buy. 

You can watch the full video series here, as we unpack the formula that’s driven over $500k in revenue for our business so far.



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