Whatever you’ve got planned for the next few days in your business, here are three ways to make sure it all gets done:

1: Don’t over-commit. Instead of saying you have to “record your video course”, decide to record one module a day. Nibbles beat gluttony.
2: Be specific. Don’t say “write some posts” or “make some sales”. Commit to how many, and by what time.
3: Close off distractions. When you’re working, use Google Docs, Zoom, Word, Notes etc. Copy it into social media when you’ve done it, so you don’t get dragged off into someone else’s noise mid-flow.
3A: Bonus hack – Be proactive, not reactive. It doesn’t affect your business what your 803rd Facebook friend thinks about the football, so don’t waste time engaging. Stay in your lane, and drive your own agenda into the world.

Love you lots

PS: What’s your favourite way to Get Shit Done?

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