As US super-coach and author Russ Ruffino says, the more offers you make, the more money you make.

Like any other business, the OUTPUTS in a coaching practice are hard to control.

On a micro-level, it’s tough to predict who will buy and when.

But, also like any other business, you can control your INPUTS.

That’s why it’s so important to follow my ABO mantra – Always Be Offering.

Here’s the test to check your ABO creds:

  • How many times did you speak to potential clients this week?
  • How many times did you post details of your signature programme in social media?
  • How many emails did you send, reminding your tribe how you can help them?

If you don’t have a continual pipeline, running from people who don’t know you yet, through conversations and engagement, all the way through to a sales call, then you’re missing a big trick.

You’re leaving money on the table that could be flowing into your bank every day.

Whatever else you’re planning today, make us an offer!

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