If you hate marketing, you can avoid some of the pressure by getting your clients to do some of it for you. 

Through referrals.

And like with most things in business, there is a smart way and a hard way to ask for, and get, referrals.

The hard way is to say, hey, let me know if you know anybody I can help. 

That’s more like a futile plea than a strategy.

Here’s the smart way, asked when you’ve just finished a transformational session with your client:

“Who’s the wealthiest person you can think of right now who would benefit most from what we’ve done today?” 

What makes that sentence so smart then?

  1. It’s asked at the PMS – “Point of Maximum Excitement” – when your client is most enamoured of you.
  2. You’ve ensured they think of someone who can afford what you do – usually wealthier than them, too.
  3. You’ve asked them for ONE person, not a vague “do you know anyone?”.
  4. You’ve pinned it down to “right now”, not “let me know if you know anybody”.
  5. “Benefit most” demonstrates your need for an ideal client, not just anyone.

When a client of mine in real estate mind-coaching used that exact question, he got introduced to 3 multi-millionaires in one week.

Now there’s smart.  


PS: What’s your favourite referral technique? 

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