When Vilfredo Pareto published his 1903 book, Manual of Political Economy, he wrote about a discovery later to become a byline for business success: the 80/20 principle.

He wasn’t literally saying that 80% of anything happens to or is caused by 20% of the players. He was describing the idea that the majority of rewards go to a minority of participants in any field.

There’s a winner-takes-all aspect to much of human endeavour, and here’s how that holds true in your life and business:

  • Any achievement – writing a best-selling book, scoring a high-paying job, becoming known as an authority – makes further achievement more likely
  • Your success is affected by limits of customer attention, spending capability and their desire for action. Capture that once and you will likely do it again and again.
  • You don’t have to crush the competition for your audience. When 10 companies pitch for a job, only one gets it. Being 1% better gets 100% of the result.
  • People and businesses who are consistently 1% better will dominate their respective fields.
  • Your 1% edge comes from being unafraid to take risks, from being original and grabbing our attention with your fantastic creations.

Don’t envy the 1%. BE the 1%.

Author: Jonny | Here’s how to join the 1%

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