Isolation doesn’t have to mean silence.

It doesn’t have to mean missing our friends.

And it certainly doesn’t mean a stop to our business.

Here are some upside-down things being tried by JHM members already:

🙃 Virtual coffee morning – 11am every Tuesday, friends and clients of Malcolm Charlaw will gather in a Zoom room with a cup of fine roast and talk about the times, the challenges and the opportunities.
🙃 Online night club – DJ Jim Robinson spun a four-hour set with requests played and fun had by all.
🙃 Pop-up piano performance – Mark Deeks plays to a sold-out crowd every other Friday.
🙃 Virtual event – Jonny and Steve ran a bonus Inner Circle of Experts day to a full Zoom room, with the postponed REAL event rescheduled for later in the year.
🙃 Numerous coaches and therapists are pivoting their services for online consumption.
🙃 Virtual cheese and wine evening – my idea, and you’re welcome to try, so long as I get an invite.

Look, this whole thing is insane, unprecedented and maybe a bit scary.

We can either hibernate, or innovate.

What YOU gonna do?


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