In London with my pal and fellow musician Nick Bottini yesterday, we hung out in Soho’s Yamaha piano studio and chatted about his new book.

It’s called Just Play, and it’s about freeing your mind of distractions and destructive thoughts, so your innate creativity can sparkle.

This is a great plan not just for musicians, but for every one of us in a business where we create content, value and client outcomes on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt that you’re exactly where you should be right now, given the quality of your decisions and the choices you’ve made to date.

The essence of “Just Play” is personal evolution, optimisation and the realisation that you’ve got everything you need, already inside of you.

Only you are capable of stopping it coming out, and only you can let it flow.

Nick’s handbook show’s you how to do that, every day.


PS – If you fancy being around at the start of the Just Play movement, you can join Nick Bottini’s Kickstarter campaign to get pre-launch copies of the book, and much more.

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