You know how you’re taught to explain the benefits of your work?

That’s what people get by experiencing the tools and features you offer, right?

Well there’s another level of explanation required before people will leap on your offer and demand to buy it.

In fact, this often-missing link is the single most important part of your branding, marketing and sales.

Once you add this third element to the Features > Benefits proposition, they’ll be crawling on their knees across broken glass to get to you. 

Can you guess what it it yet?

I’ll tell ya then.

It’s all about you describing how they’ll feel when they experience the benefits of working with you. 

Don’t just say you help them:

“Get more leads”, tell them how they’ll stop worrying about the boom-and-bust of marketing
“Overcome childhood trauma”, tell them how they’ll regain their self-confidence and sleep soundly every night
“Connect with your inner self”, tell them how that’ll make them happier, more fulfilled and have better relationships
“Get a better job”, tell them how they’ll have more status, career satisfaction and enjoy more freedom
“Escape physical pain”, tell them how they’ll walk, run and jump, feeling like a teenager all over again

Years from now, they won’t even remember what you said or what you did for them.

But they will remember how you made them feel.

That’s what your brand is built on. 

Love you lots


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