One of the biggest “ah-ah” moments of my business career came in late 1999.

I was sitting in our flashy offices, across the table from a retired army Major, a delightful old chap.

As he was clearly a happy client, I asked him if he knew anyone else who’d benefit from what we did.

His reply rocked me in my chair, and changed my world:

Yes, he said. Of course I know plenty of people.

I just didn’t want to bother you with them as I thought you’d be too busy. 

Holy Cow!

Was THAT how I came across?

Was I so busy looking busy that I’d forgotten to look commercial?

Since then, I’ve embedded some daily habits that are WAY more productive:

  • I make sure everybody I know knows what I do for a living
  • I ask clients (and prospects!) for referrals
  • I’m always offering, overtly, so no-one has to guess how I might help them
  • I never post the “oh, I’m so busy” type stuff, as it stops people reaching out
  • Friends are clients, clients are friends. No confusing walls between us

So, roll up those shutters and stand outside your shop with a megaphone.

Don’t expect us to ask, “sorry, are you open?”

We just won’t.


PS: Fabulously impactful Facebook Groups Mastery Mini-Workshop last night. I’m resting over the weekend…

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