Old-style coaching or therapy business:

  1. Charge by the hour
  2. Fill as many hours as you can with paying clients
  3. Struggle to fit in “marketing” and client delivery in an average week
  4. Suffer roller-coaster revenue flow
  5. Run out of time before you run out of ambition

New-style coaching or therapy business:

  1. Decide who you want to work with
  2. Offer a programme to solve their biggest problem
  3. Launch it regularly with a specific (low) number of joiners
  4. Fill your days with conversations with people who look like your ideal clients
  5. Create a scalable and sustainable practice, thriving and earning exactly what you want

The main difference between those two approaches?

Old-style means spending 80% of your time on delivery, and the rest on random marketing efforts.

New-style means spending 80% of your time (at least) in conversations with people, and the rest on structured delivery.

Example from JHM in 2021:

  • 6 hours a week coaching
  • 30-ish hours posting content and having conversations
  • Multiple 6-figure revenue

If you’re too busy working with clients to make any real money, try flipping things around a bit. 

Love you lots

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