By age 8, we can count to any number. If our lives were infinite, we could count to infinity.

No number, however large, is beyond our understanding.

Knowing that, I wonder why many coaches and therapists are unable to count past really small numbers…

  • I heard an NLP practitioner say he’d be happy with £3,000 this year – in TOTAL!
  • 80% of therapists I’ve met work exclusively 1-2-1, with no time leverage
  • A life coach told me on LinkedIn recently that she was “at capacity” and didn’t need any more clients
  • A lady who helps people with anxiety didn’t want to raise her prices as “they wouldn’t be able to afford it”
  • One guy said he didn’t trust 7-figure gurus as they “must have done something dodgy to earn so much”

Sure, numbers are just numbers.

But you have ONE life.

If any of that stuff ^^^ resonates, maybe it’s time for a recount. 

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