You know you set the alarm on your smartphone, and it wakes you up faultlessly every morning?

Then you know how you reach out to grab your phone, kill the alarm, check emails, social media and your newsfeed?

Well, did you know that’s screwing with your brain just at the point when it needs calm, serenity and space to boot up properly? 

Feeding all that data, information and bright stuff into your newly-switched-on organ-of-thought is really no way to treat it.

It’s like trying to start your PC with a peanut-butter sandwich jammed in the DVD drawer.

Well, maybe not, but it’d make an interesting experiment.

Let me know if you try it.

Here are some better ideas for your wake-up call, if you need one at all. 

1: Leave your phone charging in another room.
2: Buy an old-school alarm clock for your bedside.
3: Get up when it goes off.
4: Have a cup of tea or a green smoothie.
5: Read something off some paper.
6: Tell someone you love them. Aww.
7: Move about a bit. Or a lot.

Then, 30 minutes in, you can look at your phone.

You have my permission, and your brain can thank me later.


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