You see posts everywhere extolling the work ethic of Mr G Vaynerchuk. 

It’s almost like he’s single-handedly brought The Hustle back into fashion.

Working 18 hours a day for ten years will get you successful, apparently.

Building a massive following of raving fans on social media is essential if you’re to scratch even a modest living in the digital age.

And you must tirelessly hone your perfect product in a backroom full of geeky genii before you dare reveal it to the world.

That stuff might even be true for a millennial start-up, chasing venture capital to launch their incredible invention.

In our profession, as coaches, trainers and therapists, it’s doubtful if pushing yourself toward burnout is ever necessary, or even useful.

Here’s my Hustle strategy for you:

  1. Start a conversation with 10 people a week who look like your next ideal client.

That’ll have you to six-figures in no time.


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