Kevin Systrom is a really smart guy, the definition of an actual very stable genius.

At 26 years-old, he INVENTED Instagram FFS!

He oozes ideas so smart, you could put a bow-tie on them and get them into a royal wedding.

One of my favourite Systromisms is an idea you’ll love too:

“The hardest point is finding the problem to solve – the solutions come easy”

And for coaches and therapists, this difficulty often creates a road hump taller than the wall between Mexico and the USA.

Very tall, in other words.

Insurmountable, maybe.

Framing the problem you solve has to be aligned with what your client thinks their ACTUAL problem is.

You can’t just make s**t up.

So, the real problem is unlikely to be:

🙃 They want to be in touch with their true self
🙃 They want their chakras aligning
🙃 They want to find their symphony
🙃 They want to discover their soul journey
🙃 They want to be the best version of themselves

None of those sound like thousand-dollar ideas, let alone billion-dollar ideas.

More likely, your clients want to:

✅ Make more money
✅ Be more healthy
✅ Be more happy

Pretty much everything else is a variation of those.

You already have the solution – that’s what you’re good at.

Your job is to decide which problem you’re going to solve with it.

Love you lots

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Also PS – The pic? A billion dollars in hundreds, apparently!

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