It’s all too easy to miss the stuff that really drives your business.

The metrics you should be measuring and working on are those which you can directly control – the inputs. 

They’re the things which create the outputs which form the beating heart of whatever you’re building.

Here are some examples:

  • If you’re in car sales, you should be focusing on test drives
  • If you’re selling property, get more viewings
  • Plumbers – get more estimates
  • Software designers – get as many trial subscribers as you can
  • Authors – give away your best work
  • Coaches – push that free stuff out as hard as you know how

The rest is just conversions, and you’re good at that, right?

Author: Jonny Cooper | This is me!

PS – Irrelevant image, I know. But no excuses needed for a picture of a red E-Type, ever.

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