Something had been bugging me for months.

It was mid-noughties, and I’d been farting around with a website build for a new business I’d started with a pal of mine.

Selling houseboats, not that the detail matters.

I’d volunteered to create our online brochure, even though I was woefully underqualified to do it.

Confidence greater than talent, knowledge or experience. 

From May to July I toiled, each week passing without any significant progress.

And then.

Our office manager said hey, my boyfriend builds websites.

Fast forward two days – over the weekend, to be precise.

Perfect website, done, and for the price of a few beers. 


  • Things are only hard when you don’t know how to do them
  • You are sabotaging your success by operating outside of your zone of genius, and
  • It’s never as tough, expensive or time-consuming as you imagine to enrol an expert to help you

How could you transfer those lessons into your business, today? 


PS: If you’ve been through the CAB programme in the last three years, watch out for a big announcement next week…

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