Niche-ing and The Art of Pleasing Hardly Anyone

The old cliche about “you can’t please everyone” was probably coined to cover the situation where some solitary someone, somewhere, expressed displeasure at something you said or did.

In the new world of universal connectivity and reach, it’s now a given that you won’t please everyone. In fact, you’ll likely be way closer to pleasing almost no-one, and that’s still ok.

With 3bn people online, you only need a tiny fraction of 1{87a57dffff3f15402708bd6d4fa6cb73125da737a01ee576ca36cfcfa083af5b} to notice you and love what you’re doing.

So, niche like crazy, find your ravenous tribe and serve them your best work.

To hell with the rest of us.

Author: Jonny | Find your niche!

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