I’ve been asking around a few close contacts in my network, to gauge the demand for a Facebook Group masterclass.

I figured if could build a 6,500-strong community for Jonny Hates Marketing, it might be helpful to show other people how to do that too.

Here’s the results (broadly)

  • 30% said they were interested in attending
  • 60% said they were not available on that day
  • 5% said no, not interested
  • 5% said they were already at capacity so didn’t need any more clients

I’ve bolded that last one because it simply amazed me. I couldn’t get my hat on, as we say round here.

The idea that anyone can be TOO BUSY to need or want any more clients is just plain daft.

It’s also selfish.

If you believe you have a gift, a service, a solution that can genuinely help people, why wouldn’t you want as many people as possible to benefit from it?

If you ever feel you’re “at capacity” (even typing the words makes my skin creep), there’s one simple solution:

Find a way to increase your capacity!!!

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