I’d like you to celebrate with me, if you’re in the mood. 

What you’re reading here is the 1600th Daily Brain Tattoo since the 24th March 2017, when I wrote and published the first one.

Some other notable numbers:

Almost three quarters of a million email reads
Content used in over 400 Facebook and LinkedIn posts
Revenue of over £180,000 attributable directly to the DBTs
Two best-selling books published from compilations of them
Started by writing one, and just kept going when I realised I liked it

It’s been a wonderful 5-and-a-bit years, and I’ve no plans to stop anytime soon.

My dearest wish is for even a little something to grab, inspire or motivate you on your glorious journey.

Here’s to the next milestone, to you, and to your fabulous business.

Thanks for reading!

Love you lots


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