Thanks to everyone who opined, critiqued and commented on some branding ideas for Season 1 of my new podcast, Jonny Hates Marketing, launching early next month.

I generally subscribe to the adage that Nothing Good Was Ever Designed By A Committee, and even more so that you should Follow Your Instinct, but I discovered that asking the tribe in The Success Party Members Group got me some great feedback, not just on the design but about support for the whole project.

This shows the power of asking questions without a sales message attached, and loads of people I never communicated with before jumped in and offered their opinions. I reckon the size of my truly engaged network probably grew by at least 10{87a57dffff3f15402708bd6d4fa6cb73125da737a01ee576ca36cfcfa083af5b} in the process.

Whatever you’re doing in business, never underestimate the power of asking for help and ideas from the rest of us. 

You can see the cover I’ve chosen here, so that’s the easy bit out of the way.

Now the real work begins.

Jonny Hates Marketing

Let’s Get On With It!

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