[By Tracy, Morag, Lisa & Kristi]

Yesterday, on CAB 46, something glorious happened.

We got to Week 8 of the Client Attraction Blueprint programme with our wonderful March intake.

Last week, as we do in Week 7, we gave them the exact words to use in a single post to start conversations with some folks who might buy their stuff.

This is where we get them to invite their community to “jump on a call” with them to give them some feedback on their new programmes.

It’s a very organic concept, and not at all scary.

Well, maybe a bit.

Anyway, they trusted the process, and went ahead and did just that.

With no hesitation (well, maybe a bit) they posted, emailed and DM’d around their following, and here’s what happened:

Tracy Vials – First call: £2,000 sale
Lisa Bonner – 2 calls, 2 x $1695 sales
Morag Stevenson – 1 sale for £695
Kristi Morlan-Hughes – selling stuff left, right & centre from her multi-faceted business, despite being a bit poorly
In summary:

This shit works – every time you do it with passion, vigour and commitment.

Lisa Crofton and I are so very, very proud of those fabulous ladies.

But the really exciting bit?

This is the first time they tried any of this.

Imagine what it’ll be like when they actually get good at it! 😜😂🥳

Love you lots

PS: If you’re reading this as a JHM member and feeling like you need some CAB in your life, you’re probably right. Reply with “CAB” for deets.

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