Remember the old story of Archimedes and how hard he was sweating to resolve the task of checking the purity of gold for the King? 

When he pulled almost all his hair out from frustration, his wise wife made him a bath to take a break…

One of the golden nuggets he learned was:

No matter how hard you try, and how much you work,

Unless you get a decent break from over-thinking and analysing
Sweating over your next step
Wondering how much more can you do to get things going the way you want
And let your unconscious enjoy some complete absorption in a totally unrelated activity

Then it’ll be hard to uncover the real power and value in what you’re doing.

So, go walking
Taking a bath with relaxing lavender essential oils and epsom salts
Picking up a creative task where you can get into the zone

Becoming childishly playful with the joy of discovery itself.

That’s the way our dear mathematician and inventor found a solution to a golden problem worthy of the King’s grace.



This was a guest DBT loving crafted by JHM member and founder of Bring Back Balance Danka Unsu

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