I saw a post today from a hypnotherapist, who I know to be very capable and experienced.

She wrote about clients not being prepared to pay enough, and not just her’s.

Builders, handymen, physios, gardeners – she said all are at the mercy of penny-pinching, skinflint clients, right?


When you go into business, you create your own little world.

It’s your game, and you make the rules.

Why would you set up a game where the odds were stacked against you making a living? 


  • Decide what you really enjoy doing. (Passion helps pricing)
  • Identify the wealthiest kind of people who need that
  • Discover where they hang out
  • Go hang out with them
  • Talk to them and offer to help

You’ll be working with clients who don’t count the pennies before you know it.


PS – Big announcement about a very special event to kick off the New Year. Watch the JHM Group for more details by the end of this week. 

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