Working on your own to build a personal brand as a coach or therapist can feel like you’re on a 50-mile route march with a backpack full of cement.

I get that.

Snail’s-pace, energy-sapping and demoralising.

Of course you love your work. When you’re actually coaching or therapising, changing people’s lives forever, it’s the ultimate thrill.

But it’s the rest of the back-breaking grind, having to forage for clients like a brow-beaten pig sniffing for truffles.

That’s killing you.

The root cause: you don’t have an effective filter for what’s working, and what isn’t.

👉 Here’s a way to turn your fortunes around.

Whenever you’re doing something for your business, ask yourself:

“Could this action possibly create new revenue in the next 24 hrs?”

Yes, or No.

If yes, keep going and do it again tomorrow.

If no, stop it and try something else instead.

Rinse and repeat until most everything you do is a yes.

Soon, you’ll be getting paid every day.

Love you lots

PS: Try this for a week and let me know what happens…

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