No, this isn’t another virus post.

It’s about the most contagious habit you can adopt.

The one thing which, if deployed instinctively yet relentlessly, will win friends and influence people the world over.

I’m talking about Passion, with a capital P.

Here’s how you know if you’re passionate about your life and work:

  • You smile naturally when you’re talking (or even just thinking) about it
  • You use emotive, powerful language when you’re describing it to others
  • You leap out of bed every morning, fired with the potential for the new day
  • You realise you can’t NOT do it, and you’d do it for free if you didn’t need paying
  • People spark off you and call you “wild”, “crazy” and other deeply flattering things

The opposite of that level of passion in your work?

It’s called a having a day-job.

Don’t do that.

Build that passion within, then you’ll infect everyone else with it.


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