When I was a kid, I vividly remember how Xmas morning always felt like a big deal.

THE biggest deal, in fact.

Mum and Dad would never let me down, it seemed. They’d read my mind, and satisfied my every desire.

They didn’t have a lot of spare cash, and only years later did I realise how LITTLE they really had.

And yet, by midday on the 25th December throughout my childhood, I’d be luxuriating in my pirate’s hoard of new stuff, with a warm glow inside that lasted weeks afterwards.

Another thing I remember is how there were two kinds of presents.

Big, expensive, “Main” presents which went under the tree, and “Stocking Fillers” which filled, well, a stocking on the fireplace.

Scalextric and oranges, respectively, probably.

They both gave me a warm glow, but the “Mains” just seemed more important and valuable.

And in your 21st-century expert business, it’s crucial you understand the important, valuable, Main things to focus on, and spend less time and energy on the Stocking Fillers.


  • Clear focus on your ONE thing for your ONE ideal client
  • Creating a value-packed signature programme that hits their spot every time
  • Talking to someone who looks like your next ideal client, every day


  • Updating your website
  • Getting new gear – cameras, mics, offices etc
  • 10,000 followers on every SM platform
  • Building a complicated sales funnel
  • Writing tons of online content for your fans to download

The stocking fillers are the things you wouldn’t miss if they weren’t there.

Christmas would still be Christmas without them, right?

Just don’t skimp on your mains.


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