I’m in a mood to do some maths.

Well, arithmetic, I guess.

Yes, it’s the handy JHM formula for how many clients you need to meet your financial goals.

C = I / V

Cut the jargon, Jonny.

OK, OK. The number of Clients required is equal to your desired Income divided by the lifetime Value of your client engagements.

So, if you want to earn £5k a month selling sessions at £100 each, and your average client buys 3 sessions, you’ll need 17 new clients each month.

Conversely, you’ll need only 2 new clients each month if you have a small group programme costing £2,500.

This means you have to work 8 times as hard to make the sales, and maybe 10 times as hard delivering the sessions themselves.

The world of time leverage, accelerated impact and exponentially easier earnings is at your fingertips.

Are you up for it? 


PS: It’s Facebook February exclusively in the JHM FB Group, and each day there’s a new Pro-Tip to improve your Facebook game. Here’s yesterday’s.

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