As you evolve into the successful business your expertise deserves, nostalgia could be your biggest enemy.

Here are some less-than-useful things you may be clinging onto:

  • Historic attachment to how you’ve always done things
  • Limiting beliefs about how successful you could ever be
  • Friends and family who don’t believe in you
  • Thoughts and behaviours that got you where you are today
  • Unwillingness to invest in mentors and training in the new world

Most of that stuff stems from the comfort you feel in staying exactly where you are, revelling in the warmth of maintaining the status quo, however dreary and unfulfilling that may be.

Nostalgia is just peer pressure from dead people.

If you’re ever going to make it big, and I believe you are – then how things were can’t be how things will be.

What could you change today to give you the best chance of success?

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