You know the lovely warm feeling when you pull on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for ages and find a ten pound note in the pocket?

And don’t those free deli samples in Sainsbury’s taste so much better than the stuff you actually buy?

Imagine how your prospects will feel when they get a free gift from you, like one of these:

1: Free reports, info packs, fact sheets and white papers

2: Newsletters: regular info and offer-packed communiqués to your database of prospects and customers

3: Niche-specific freebies: recipes, sports tips, discount coupons, travel guides etc

4: Trial offers: get them using your products for free and they’ll often need or want to continue and pay

5: Buy one, get one free: costs you nothing, providing your gross margin is more than 50%

As Gary V says, give away your best work!

Author: Jonny | Here’s my best work – for free!

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