I was talking with a life coach recently who was having trouble expressing the essence of what she did, accurately and concisely.

And, in a way that her ideal clients would be attracted and intrigued by.

We were rehearsing the usual vague stuff:

  • I get people unstuck
  • I make people feel better
  • They feel much more grounded
  • They can live happier, more centered lives
  • etc etc

That just sounds a bit generic and vanilla, so I asked her:

If you were to write a book about what you do, what would be its title? 

She went, oh that’s easy. I’ve already got the book title in mind.

I’d call it “Get Your Finger Out – Seven Ways To Get More Out Of Life, Starting Today”


At last, something that we’d want to aspire to and buy into!

What would YOUR book be called?

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