We had a fabulously engaged and impactful Social Cocoon™ Workshop this afternoon, with insights and revelations flowing from and to Lisa and me.

One of the biggest value bombs landed right before the end, as I was reiterating the importance of a simple, single clear offer for your ideal client.

Don’t muddle them up with industry jargon, convoluted acronyms and some crazy spin on your tools you just made up.

“A confused mind never buys”, was my oft-repeated yet powerful cliché.

Lisa C came right back with a perfect add-on to that evergreen truism when she said,

“Yes, and a confused mind never SELLS either.”

It got me wondering whether that’s more of a problem than the other one.

Maybe you’re winding yourself in knots trying to understand what the hell it is you’re really doing.

And maybe, until you get rid of that confusion over your offering, nobody else has a chance in hell of understanding it, let alone buying it.

Waddya reckon?

Love you lots

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