As you know, I’m not one to hate on stuff.

Apart from marketing, obvs.

But one thing struck me this week after a convo with one of your fellow coaches in JHM.

He’d had his Google account hacked by someone/somebot who sent out hundreds of malicious messages to his mailing list.

So now Google’s closed his account and deleted every one of his 25,000+ emails and 2,000+ contacts.

Holy crap…could you imagine losing all that data?

And that’s not all. Here are five reasons to run like hell away from Gmail:

  • As above, you don’t own your emails. Gdoes
  • Most of your useful inbound emails (like THIS one) go into spam/promotions folder
  • If you send business emails from a Gmail account, your clients think you’re an amateur
  • The interface is horrible, and designed so you spend the most time there trying to figure it out
  • Using one company for EVERYTHING – search, storage, maps, calendar, YT AND emails is way too much

So it got me thinking.

How about taking control of one of your most important communication media?

Get your own domain name, get it hosted, and start using that instead.

Your clients will thank you now, and you can thank me later.


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