Writer James Clear just made a cool list…

Five things that keep talented people from fulfilling their potential:

  • Trying to please everyone
  • Imitating the desires of others
  • Chasing status without questioning why
  • Playing superhero and trying to do it all alone
  • Dividing your attention between too many projects

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, these pretty much are going to kill your dreams, sooner than a 4am axe-murderer lurking at the end of your bed.

Here’s my antidote list:

  • You only need to please your ideal clients
  • Follow your own journey, and no-one else’s
  • Status is a tool for impact, not just for status
  • Great people are all around you, so build your A-team to success
  • Focus on one thing first, get it rolling and only then consider another venture alongside

Love you lots

PS: Here’s a brand-new video I did for Authority magazine, called 5 Reasons You’ll Always Be A Broke Coach. It’s only 2 minutes…lol

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