If you’re a consultant, trainer, coach or therapist, there’s one way above any other that’ll guarantee you earn more money:

Find clients who earn more money.

As I grew a business in finance at the start of the century, I had 200 staff working for me, mostly on commission-only, and I noticed a trend.

Those who chose to work with school teachers earned a school teacher’s salary in return, whereas those who decided to advise wealthy folks became much wealthier themselves.

In fact, our highest earner banked £600,000 commission in his final year with my company, after he’d set a minimum net-worth of £1m for anyone who wanted his advice. He’d regularly fly to Dubai to meet his expat clients, who doted on him and hung on his every word.

Just by shifting his focus to a different demographic, he earned over 20x what our average adviser earned, working exactly the same hours!

And it’s not hard to push your career ever-upwards, day-by-day.

The next time you’re with a client at the Point of Maximum Excitement (like when they’ve just had a revelation with you!) simply ask the Golden Referral Question:

“Who’s the richest person you know who might benefit from working with me?”

You’ll soon be climbing your own wealth ladder alongside the rich and (maybe) famous.


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