High performers in any field don’t focus on the outcome they want. 

They recognise that success comes from a prescribed series of actions, undertaken with full concentration and commitment.

If a footballer thinks, I have to get this goal, he’s way more likely to miss it.

When an interviewee tells herself, I NEED this job, the offer never comes.

And if you say, I HAVE to make this sale, your prospect likely feels discomfort, you wobble, and the whole thing goes off the rails. 

Here’s a better idea:

  • Focus on the process
  • Do A, then B, then C
  • Caress each step
  • Acknowledge the progress you’re making, bit by bit
  • Recognise when you’ve done enough

Follow the stages, not the wages.


PS – Final day of #MoneyWeek in JHM today, all about our Holy Grail – Recurring Revenue! Check out yesterday’s LIVE video about Pricing Strategy. 

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