As writer Tim Denning tells us: if you fit in, you’re replaceable. 

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, there could already be warning signs that you’re trying desperately to be just the same as everyone else.

You spend years of study to get qualifications already attained by your competitors
You insist on displaying those qualifications in jargon alongside your name
You watch what others are doing in your field and try to do that too
You pitch your pricing against theirs in a woeful race to the bottom
Your personal branding is a job title based on your qualifications

Doing any of that stuff will condemn you at best to a middling life of unfulfilled potential.

At worst, potential clients will regard you as replaceable, interchangeable, and no smarter than your competitors.

I think you’re way smarter than them, but how are you going stand out and prove it? 

Love you lots




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