I’ve been thinking recently about emotional contagion. 

This is the process by which another person’s attitude, behaviour and actions directly influence yours.

I’ve been auditing my relationships with some of the people I spend most time with, and there may be some changes afoot.

If you’re up for doing this too, here are a few points to ponder:

  1. Do the people around you share your worldview, or do their values substantively clash with yours?
  2. Is the energy flow all one-way – are you propping them up emotionally more than they you?
  3. Are they critical of the decisions you make, for no better reason than mindless contradiction?
  4. Are their goals and ambitions way smaller than yours?
  5. Do you come away from every interaction feeling more negative than before?

All this stuff can exert a huge toll on your metal and physical health, so if one or more of the above apply in any relationship you currently hold, ask yourself this:

Am I prepared to delay my success for the sake of spending time around this person?  

Your answer may guide you to making changes, sooner than later.

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