People who campaign relentlessly on a single issue can get very boring.

I’ve started to close my ears and eyes to many militant atheists, anti-smokers and vegans, for example.

That’s why it was so refreshing to meet the founder of Intelligent Eating, Adam Stevens yesterday on the Jonny Hates Marketing Marketing Show.

Adam’s been on a plant-based diet for years now, and shows others how to survive and thrive without killing animals.

Yet, he accepts that it’s almost impossible to be a strict vegan without making yourself (and everyone else) crazy.

He’s also a master social marketer, with huge, devoted following on Facebook.

By writing stuff which entertains, intrigues and engages, he’s able to reach far more people with his message than if he were ranting or lecturing. 

When Adam speaks, others listen.

Check out the show, where we talk cows, healthy eating and how to get hundreds of comments on a Facebook post. 


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