If you’re feeling a bit flat about what you achieved yesterday, it could be because you haven’t considered the LAG™ effect.

This is my measure of the time between you doing something and receiving any tangible benefit from it.

LAG™ is also an acronym for Likelihood of Absent Gains, and here are some examples:

🙄 Building a website before you realise it’ll take months to build up any traffic
🙄 Creating a programme without understanding who it’s for
🙄 Taking another training course when you’re already qualified enough
🙄 Launching a Facebook Group with no clear client avatar in mind
🙄 Buying a bunch of broadcast equipment before you have an audience to talk to

All those are high LAG™ activities, with a high Likelihood of Absent Gains.

It’s not that they won’t work ever, it’s just that you might go broke waiting.

Thankfully, the antidote is simple and fast-acting:

Spot someone who looks like your next ideal client, start a conversation with them, and make them an offer.

They might just pay you immediately.

Zero LAG™

Love you lots

PS: Here’s the joining link for my literally Zero-LAG™ 3-day Sales Sprint Challenge starting on the 19th October. If you show up, you’ll learn stuff you can implement right away, and make high-ticket sales.

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