Depending on whether you work through Christmas, you’ve got as few as 6 weeks of useful time before this year is consigned to history.

So, if you’re planning something new, or just substantial growth for the next 12-month segment of your life, you’d better have a change plan in motion right now.

Think of 2017 like your web browser, where everything’s become familiar, and even your passwords are stored and remembered so you don’t have to.

Not only that, but the sites you regularly visit regard you as their friend, and communicate offers to you in a way that makes you feel warm, safe and wanted.

In fact, the whole process of staying exactly where you are is now completely effortless.

What would happen if you deleted cookies, deleted history, cleared the cache?

Apart from it being generally good IT practice, this would force you to use your brain again, rather than serving you The Same Old Stuff on autopilot.

See where this is going?

Here are some things I could do if I wiped all or some of my metaphorical “browser”:

  • Start a music school, teaching kids what I know about music, and about making a career of it
  • Get a racing instructor licence, and coach people how to drive a motor car really, really fast
  • Go and live in California, do what I’m already doing, but in the land of eternal sunshine and opportunity
  • Help thousands of entrepreneurs become the best versions of themselves

Actually that last one doesn’t need a full wipe-out, just a couple of tweaks which are already in motion.

But, I will be dumping stuff that doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and probably never will.

What could happen if you cleared your cache for 2018?


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