Some final thoughts (for now) to conclude the 3-part Effortless Marketing thread that seems to have resonated with quite a few of the Success Party Tribe.

You told me clearly that the biggest challenge you face in your business is getting enough customers – the M-word.

Here’s a summary of the three principles we discussed:

  1. Tell everyone you know about what you do, and ask for their help in suggesting a potential customer.
  2. Hang out online and in the real world where your ideal customers are. Start conversations.
  3. Find other people who already engage with or sell to your ideal clients, and partner with them.

The bombshell takeaway is simple:

Calling it “Marketing” at all can create a mindset of overwhelm, procrastination and inaction.
Instead,┬ájust call it “Finding The Next Person To Talk To”.

Let’s get on with it!

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